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Access Control Technician

McKinney Door and Hardware is a supplier of commercial doors and hardware to the Commercial General Contracting Industry. McKinney provides a comprehensive range of products related to the door industry, including installation, access control, and locksmith services. Since 1964, McKinney has been dedicated to serving the building industry, focusing on customer satisfaction and fostering a positive work environment for all employees.

Colorado State Safe & Lock, a division of McKinney Door and Hardware, is seeking an experienced access control technician to join our expanding team.

Our competitive benefits package includes PTO, 10 company holidays, a substantial 401(k) match, and a host of additional benefits, such as a gym reimbursement.


Primary Responsibilities:

· Represent the client in interactions with external contractors for the installation and repair of security devices. 

· Assemble and configure new security panels and equipment to ensure they function correctly. 

· Service and troubleshoot systems in accordance with established guidelines and standards. 

· Field experience in installing and servicing systems, including programming and network connectivity, is required. 

· A solid grasp of electronic principles and design is necessary. 

· Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite or equivalent software is needed. 

· Set up and manage access control and video systems, including card readers, electronic door hardware, cameras, panic devices, gate hardware, intercom/phone devices, etc. 

· Interpret and adhere to installation prints and diagrams. 

· Address issues and respond to emergency calls after hours as needed. 

· Install and connect field devices such as card readers, door hardware, and cameras. 

· Keep detailed records of installation and maintenance activities. 

· Ensure a safe and secure work environment by adhering to safety protocols and maintaining the confidentiality of security information. 

· Enhance professional knowledge by engaging in educational opportunities and reading technical literature. 

· Take responsibility for new and diverse requests to achieve organizational objectives.

Education, Experience, and Qualifications:

Minimum Requirements:

· High school diploma

· Must have good organizational skills and mechanical aptitude

· Ability to work with a team and independently on projects.

· Ability to read, understand, follow, and enforce safety procedures.

· Strong communication skills and the ability to interact effectively at all organizational levels

· Ability to pass a background check and drug screening prior to employment.

· Valid driver’s license.

Skills and Characteristics:

· In-depth knowledge of construction processes and project management.

· Physical and mental aptitude to perform essential job functions.

· Ability to learn, solve problems, assess situations independently, negotiate, and respond safely and appropriately to a broad range of intellectual and practical challenges.

· Proficient in understanding and communicating written and verbal instructions, with the ability to interact effectively with all types of service consumers, both external and internal.

· Exceptional time management, analytical, and problem-solving skills, with the capacity to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

· Highly motivated.

· Skills in building and maintaining customer relationships.

· Attention to detail and superior organizational abilities.

· Basic mathematical skills.

· Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, virtual communication platforms, PDF editors, and ERP systems.

· Knowledge of commercial construction standards and codes, including UL, ADA, life safety, and fire codes.

Competency Statements

· Accountability & Dependability – Assumes personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work, delivering results with minimal supervision.

· Adaptability & Flexibility – Adjusts to evolving business needs, conditions, and job responsibilities.

· Customer Focus – Cultivates and sustains customer satisfaction with the organization’s products and services.

· Business Alignment – Ensures the direction, products, services, and performance of a business line are in harmony with the organization’s overall objectives.

· Communication – Communicates effectively with others through both speech and writing.

· Problem Solving – Addresses complex or challenging issues effectively.

· Relationship Building – Fosters constructive work relationships characterized by high levels of acceptance, cooperation, and mutual respect.

· Results Focus & Initiative – Prioritizes results and desired outcomes, determining the best methods to achieve them efficiently.

· Safety Focus – Complies with all workplace and trade safety laws, regulations, standards, and practices.

· Stress Tolerance – Remains calm and composed in highly stressful or adverse situations.

Physical Requirements: This job’s physical demands are indicative of those an employee must meet to perform the job’s essential functions successfully. Reasonable accommodations may be provided to enable individuals with disabilities to execute these essential functions.

· Capable of traveling up to 30% of the time

· Able to stay seated for prolonged durations

· Able to stand, walk, kneel, squat, climb, and maneuver in confined manufacturing areas occasionally

· Able to safely lift and carry items weighing up to twenty-five (25) pounds over short distances

$25+ DOE

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